Women In Business – 7 Lucrative Businesses Women Do

Women In Business – 7 Lucrative Businesses Women Do

Women In Business – 7 Lucrative Businesses Women Do – Igwenazor Chinaemerem

In Nigeria today, the economic landscape is not that positive with many people losing their jobs by the day. As tough as it is, there are some businesses that looks ordinary that Nigerian women in the city do. These businesses are proven to be highly lucrative. While some are engaged in these businesses as their main source of income, a good number of them take on it as business number two. These businesses includes:-

  • School runs. There is a need to ferry school children to and fro school daily. The parents of these day students do spend a huge amount of money daily on this. Some women has invested in automobiles that run such. While some are directly involved in it, others hired drivers. They deploy these vehicles for such business by the week but make use of it personally by the weekend.
  • Extra mural classes aka lesson. Some women, instead of picking up a 8 -5 job invest their time in offering tutorial services. These classes mostly last for about 2 – 3 hours three times in a week. A woman teaching just 10 children only makes more money when compared to those who work 8 – 5 week days.
  • ISUSU agent. Isusu services serves more people today more than our regular banks. Some smart women are at the helm of affairs in this sector. There are various packages available, however may od them engage in it so as to raise free capital for themselves while serving others. They take a commission from the funds contributed by each and also mastermind the lending aspect of the investment.
  • Home banking services. Here, they operate as ATM for people 24/7. In many neighborhood where banks are far, they are preferred destinations for withdrawals or transfer of funds. Many women who invested in this outlet does make profit of about N10,000 [ten thousand naira] or more daily.
  • Kilish distribution. Kilishi is a delicacy from beef. It is dried and spiced with pepper. It is one of the Fast Moving Edible Foods in the country. They are available in major retail outlets in different sizes. This business could be started with a capital of just N50,000.00 The wonderful thing about it is that it yields 50% returns the average per purchase.
  • Egg distribution. Egg is one of the most consumed items in Nigeria today. It is a business platform that is dominated by women. While some have depots others do not. For many depot owners, once the number of crates delivered from the farm is ascertained, you know the amount of money accruable to your bank account. What they simply do is to carve out a deal with a mega farm for regular supplies. While some depot opens daily some do their transactions once a week.
  • Plantain chips. Big business people do not consider this a big business. It does not have a big name so to say. You can start this lucrative venture with just N20,000.00 [Twenty thousand naira] only. Just like egg and Kilishi, the rate of plantain chips consumption is very high and elastic all year round.

One thing these women did that aided their regular profit earned is strategic marketing. The wonderful thing is that these businesses are more lucrative in middle class areas.


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