When Love Goes Wrong

When Love Goes Wrong – Igwenazor Chinaemerem

This life is full of love stories. The good, the bad and the ugly. When the going is cool and good, the atmosphere is filled with kisses and roses. And this is the wish of many both married and single. However, whenever the once sweet love goes wrong, no word could describe the scenario aptly. The summation tilts to that opinion – hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.

When loves goes wrong, the opposite sexes are never spared of the heart ache. Depending on who called it quits, there are most often attempts to amend the situation. For the men folk, they are always expected to move on and talkless. Even when they try to voice their own view, they are not always given the opportunity to say or do more. But the same is never the same with a woman. They most often go to the extreme and the society understands.

Here are some of the actions the female folk pull when love goes wrong:-

  • They smash the wind shield of the Ex cars. This is a common scene these days. The public near the man or woman gets the gist of the break-up when the lady displays such act. In most cases such happens to costly vehicles.
  • Destroying things and touching their homes. Many men has lost valuable items and portions of their homes touched by their jilted ones. In some cases, they did meet a new woman or confirmed her presence in the home without proper information that their place is lost. In anger, they damage anything within reach and set the home ablaze.
  • Pouring acid on him. This is the most extreme many of them have gone to – pouring acid on their former love. Many ladies today are languishing in cells or seriously deformed via retaliation of such persons family and friends due to such acts. Unfortunately they cry and show remorse for their act but its an emotion taken so high. The act can never be reversed.
  • Going out with their boss or good friend. Vengeance by the female folks when loves goes sour could be funny. On many occasions, some ladies do freely offer themselves to those directly close to their Ex. Dating a very close friend or going out with their boss tend to be a frequent happenstance.
  • Publishing their cherished secrets. This act greatly disorganizes many men later in life. Whenever a lady knows a man inside out and that man has some secrets that has given him an edge in life, they spill it to kill off all his advantage to their most competent opponents. This has made many men lose contacts and respect in the society.

What else to add, I cant add up.

Can you? Please do.

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