Tokumbo Business In Nigeria

Tokumbo Business In Nigeria

Tokumbo Business In Nigeria  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem

The trade in Tokumbo products in Nigeria is a multi-billion Naira economy. Almost all items there is has a Tokumbo version. Tokumbo items are our normal fairly used item. Sometimes they are referred to as Belgium.

Years ago, fairly used clothing materials nicknamed Okirika took the lead. Today virtually all items has its Tokumbo version bought and sold in Nigeria. The automobile and electronics sector leads in this area while the trade on kitchen utensils, household equipment, heavy duty machinery et al are growing by the day. Tokumbo items imported, bought and sold in Nigeria falls into three categories, namely: the off the shelf unused items, the foreign used class and the locally used group.

The impact of trading on fairly used items in Nigeria is colossal. It has created jobs for a great portion of Nigerians, they are responsible for the traffic and revenues at our various ports, they have supplied cash to our banking system in an quantified volume, it has helped keeping the economic activities on while creating lots of other job and income generating opportunities. The wonderful thing about all these is that it is wholly private sector driven. A greater number of automobiles in the country are fairly used, markets like Alaba International, Ladipo main market and Mgbuka Obosi in Anambra state are large markets given birth to by Tokunbo items.

Dealing on fairly used items is unique. It does not have a ruling price. It is a business that you must put your thinking cap on to excel in. Items are bought and sold depending on its grade. Many are of the opinion that trading is an all comers affair but in reality its not. Not even when Tokumbo items are involved. The successful lots in this area of trade choose which strata of the Nigerian economic class to serve. The poor, the middle class and the top earners are there to serve.

Among the top dealers and earners in Tokumbo business, those serving those at the top seems to be better off. It takes an average to large volume of capital to join and operate in this class. All you need to do here is to know how to pick high quality items and display them in your business place. However, you need to be consistent and must have spent some time in the business to have the followership that differentiates.

For a city like Lagos, you have access to a multitude of Tokumbo items to deal on unlike other cities across the federation. The good thing is that the importers are here in large quantity. Some people make their living off the system via being just middle men – they inform the big buyers of the arrival of some items at the warehouse and you go home with a handsome commission.

Where do you get these items? Your search begins from Apapa and Tin-Can wharf extending to the large warehouses on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway. Along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, there are mega offloading point – Ijesha, Odo-olowu down till Ladipo. Down at Ojo Alaba, there are hundreds of Tokumbo item importers both inside the market, public and private warehouses to transact business with.

Many do frown at buying fairly used item and also at people who will fly across the globe just to import such items. The reality is that as much as the economic landscape of the country is in shambles, such business will continue to thrive and grow. If not for the advanced involvement is trading Tokumbo items, many people in Nigeria may not have enjoyed the standard of living available to them today.

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