The Regular Menace On The Lagos City

The Regular Menace On The Lagos City

The Regular Menace On The Lagos City  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem

The economic hub of Nigeria, Lagos is known for a thousand tales. You will get a fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly irrespective of the part of the city you live in or visit. Here are some of the notorious menaces common here in Lagos:-

  • The Police. These are our dear friends as we are told but they are a good degree of nuisance on the streets of Lagos. One can say that they do not have a clear cut job description. They are at home with arresting and delaying many business people especially when you are moving with goods. Owing to the fact that time is money for business people, they ask for and receive a lot of bribes from these people daily. Often times, they are masters in causing road traffic for no good reason but to collect their official roger. Most times the scare the living hell off you as you meet many of them with superior firearms but on mufti.
  • Agbero [Touts]. In the city of Lagos, these people are the ‘real’ landlords and laws unto themselves. They have instituted notorious popularity in the city of Lagos that a Coroner sang of taking people cases to their major boss – MC Oluomo. They are found in all major junctions of Lagos state collecting all manner of levies from bike riders, Keke riders, Cabbage collectors, distribution vans, hawkers, shoe shiners et al. Any imported automobile passing the streets is a goldmine for them. If you are packing into a new building or packing out with a truck, you must pay them. The most annoying is that when building a house, you must pay them fees at foundation, decking, roofing and painting. They even have the right to arrest some people until the amount of money they demanded is released. It is not known if these monies they collect ever gets into the government coffers. They unleash mayhem both on themselves and the public at will with dangerous weapons. They seems to be above the control of the police.
  • Aboki Okada. They are mostly from the North, understands next to nothing in English language our Linqua Franca and nod in affirmation to any question asked. These boys are mostly responsible for a greater percentage of bike accidents in the city of Lagos. They do not know the basic road signs or rules of engagement on the road yet they speed with reckless abandon. They fight at the least provocation with weapons as their brothers will immediately rally around them at. They do not rent houses – they live virtually anywhere they are allowed, sleeping on their bikes. For having no address, they go scot-free if they commit any crime. Even their bikes have names of Police men or Agberos on it thus no number. Due to their irregular packing system, they cause accidents and traffic wherever you find them. They parade the city as men above the law, why? The Okada they ride belongs mostly to military men, the Police and Agberos.
  • Owambe people. It is not uncommon to see a major road or route in your street blocked from vehicular movement by people celebrating one thing or the other. This is common signature of Yoruba people who owns the land. They care less what pains it may inflict onto the general public. The funny thing is that they do not give any form of notice and you cannot do anything about it. It is common to meet government security agencies in such places.
  • Religious crusades. In Nigeria it is an unwritten law that you must not complain about any religious negativity. It is seem as an attempt against God. Many churches have used this situation to turn to masters of noise pollution. They have tuned up their negative lot to a very annoying level with setting blaring loudspeakers on the streets and on their compound during events. The noisy loudspeakers have called in noisy generators, setting canopies in the compound where others live and on the main roads even banking on your doors offering you tracks and inviting you for programs. Also, there are early morning gospelling that comes up as early as 5am.
  • PHCN. The power supply company in the city of Lagos helps create a nice nuisance. They make you pay for light when they have actually given you darkness. Their presence evokes psychological torture. Once the bill is dropped for you, you must pay it or else, they will cut and confiscate the wires you bought with your own money. They rank high among the parastatals that are paid handsomely for doing less – they are a monopoly. Their below average services gave rise to the usage of noisy generator nicknamed – I Pass My Neighbor. These generators are noise merchants across the city. For a good portion of the night, these ‘I Pass My Neighbor’ will give you drum beat of cacophony of noise.

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