The Nigerian Graduate Fufu Entrepreneur

The Nigerian Graduate Fufu Entrepreneur


The Nigerian Graduate Fufu Entrepreneur  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem


I am convinced that many people will be laughing at the headline of this article – The Nigerian Graduate Fufu Entrepreneur. Take it or leave it, Mr. Wilson Ekeledirichukwu has written his name in gold. He remains the authentic first Nigerian graduate to advance commercial Fufu processing by establishing a Fufu processing plant.


Since coming in contact with this wonderful Nigerian online, his action ignited celebration east, west, north and south. On the platform of Premium Times, his unique story had more than a thousand likes about 450 shares. Although many news channels has re-broadcasted this feat, there are other sides of the story untold.


But why Fufu many do ask?

The graduate Fufu enterprise is a deal with a plus. Fufu is a steple food in the country. The most wonderful about it is that it is a Fast Moving Consumer Good – FMCG. Its demand in the market is unparalleled. In a city like Lagos, it is sold in almost all outlets where food items and condiments are sold. A recent research is of the opinion that it sells as much as Garri both in the cities and villages.


Many resturants serve it. However, people who love the dish jettison it in the city owing to ordour.  Our graduate Fufu entrepreneur is bridging a gap via producing odourless Fufu. According to him, the ‘uniqueness of our Fufu is that it has no odour’. With an average marketing plan he can take the labour of pounding Fufu for occasions like weddings, burials et al off the celebrants for a handsome fee. Moreso, if Mr Wilson Ekeledirichukwu will fine tune his marketing to serve numerous eateries and homes in Owerri environs, his turnover weekly will be in comfortable six figure.


The Nigerian graduate Fufu entrepreneur must have exhibited a rare genius to have chosen his trade most wisely. He located his Fufu processing plant at Ihiagwa, a suburb of Owerri and university community. From the community he sources his raw material which is cassava tubers. He may not lack supplier-clients in the nearest future. Moreso Umuakpu, a community of about 15 minute’s drive from Ihiagwa is a top cassava producing town. He will always get regular supply of high quality cassava all year round.


It is encouraging to note that his investment never swallowed fortunes. The processing plant as reported by Vanguard newspaper cost but N75,000.00 [Seventy-five thousand naira only] And today he is a proud employer of labour with about 3 workers who receive monthly salary in a rural area. This should tell many jobless graduates to look inwards as what it takes to create a business may not be as huge as it is told. People who are looking for a second stream of income can borrow a leaf from his idea.


The vision of the likes of Mr. Wilson Ekeledirichukwu is a wakeup call on many school leavers to look inwards. Instead of submitting CVs on completion of his national youth service by 2015, the FUTO Owerri graduate searched for and began meeting a need in the society that will continually pay him handsomely.


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