Nigerians And Beer

Nigerians And Beer


Beer is a beverage produced, sold and drank freely around the country. There are multiples of brands and sizes from various breweries, each coming with a unique percentage of alcohol and taste. Beer parlours are the most common hangout joints in our cities. Patrons of the different Larger beer at various hangout joints always demand it served chilled. It is worthy to note that beer drinking in Nigeria goes hand in glove with two items, the opposite sex – women and something chewable – meat[s] or other delicacies for example Ugba with stock fish for those of us from across the River Niger.

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A recent research on beer consumption pattern in Nigeria yielded unbelievable yet highly established results. Nigerian citizens do gulp a good dosage of larger Beer week in, week out when they are in the mood of celebration of any kind. However, these same people do not observe dosages or limits when the situation turns negative with burials taking the pole position. Drinking of Beer is not a preserve of any sex gender. Quite often some ladies do turn a black eye to this alcoholic beverage when offered in the open. However, once the environment is termed comfortable a good number of them do give a good account of themselves competing with men.

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There is yet another ugly trend which is constant with the consumption of Larger Beer and the Nigerian people. Friends and relations can easily foot your bill on consumption of alcohol freely even when you never asked for a bottle but can hardly offer you financial assistance equal to the tune of the corresponding amount of money spent on you at the Beer Parlours. This attitude remains quizzical. This accounts for the undisputed availability of alcoholic drinks during burial rites across the federation. People can donate generously for consumption than for investment.

Beer brands in Nigeria has featured iconic advertisements over the years. Among these, Udeme and Michael Power by Guinness Stout and Star Trek by Nigerian Breweries makers of Star Lager Beer remains evergreen in memories of Nigerians. Moreso on the local setting Nigerians freely gave different brands of Beer a unique name that appeals to them. Some of these funny names are: Hero Beer – O’mpa, Star Larger Beer – Shine-Shine Bobo, Satzenbrau – Skirt and blouse, Guinness Stout – Odeku, Heineken Larger Beer – Chairman, 33 Larger Beer – Trinity et cetera.

In Nigeria, Beer producing companies are visible employers of labour both directly and indirectly. At their different breweries, it takes multiples of hundreds of workers to roll out our darling Beer. Then independent distribution companies and those of the plants lock heads together to deliver these highly priced products to all nook and crannies of the federation. At the tail end of the chain are uncountable owners of drinking bars who make their living off selling Larger Beer served chilled. A step forward, at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, almost all the Beer brewing companies are quoted. Not only that they help deepen the capital market, they have created another version of wealth for their numerous shareholders. A company like Nigerian Breweries [NBL] has been consistent in her returns to her shareholders for about two decades and still counting. Mention must be made that these companies do pay heavy taxes annually into the coffers of the government.

It will not be out of line to draw our attention to the negative inclination of religious groups towards Beer in the country. A good chunk of them sees everything Beer as a sin that must be expunged from our society. In the North, Sharia is totally against it. Although there are lesser or no brewery sited in the North, the Sharia police are reported to have copiously destroyed hundreds of thousands of live cartons of Beer with the crates or cartons inclusive. For the Christians, they condemn any form of involvement in sales of Beer citing the Biblical idea that taking Beer is proven to cause negative behaviors. Contrary to all these as Keggite Klub members will always say, where ever we gather, we shall destroy foreign poison [beer].


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