Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues – Ogbuefi Ndukaku


(This happened exactly today last year, I felt its worth re-sharing for those about giving up)

Afa m bu Okiri Potoo…I banye owa m a ijezie naba;
That was how the motorcyclist introduced himself to me when I flagged him down this morning on my to Agbo Edo.
“What a lively way to start a Monday; I couldn’t help the laughter!”
Such an infectious persona was what I needed to make a much needed morning push today.
Between Traffic Light and Okpunoeze bus stop Okiri’s bike had spoilt three times.
From tyre to plug to sprocket and chain.
Reaching Whitehouse bus stop we had yet a flat tire!

And then Okiri surprised me.
He alighted parked well and crossed the road asked the woman selling drinks to give him a bottle of Trophy. From where he sat he shouted at me…”Way; biko gbawaa door ifugo na machine a awugo m na ana. Ichozikwaa ibia ka emee gi one bo”
It was a lazy Monday after all and there was no need to hurry. So I crossed and got served.

And here the gist began
From Tudun Wadan Zamfara down to Anaedo with with empty hands Okiri use to be Onye ego. Northern hoodlums arrived nwoke wee kuo flat. In between the gulps Okiri will exclaim nwanne I be come a long way!

Ogbuefi he furthered, minutes after he forced my name out of me; see this bike; I will soon change it I ga anu scores nwanne.
A person having this magnitude of bad day. He was neither deterred nor deflated.
He bought a stranger he was meant to charge a fee drink. I was filled with admirations and inspirations.

And then karma happened!

A lanky fellow who sat listening all through asked; m bunye Suzuki Every shuttle iga anyanwu? If I give you a Suzuki Every shuttle to drive can you handle it? Okiri said yes and started boasting about his driving record. The man asked him to join him on his Yamaha Beast Motorcycle to his warehouse.
I was planning on letting this one happen behind me. At least lemme see to the end of this prank. At his way house somewhere inside Uru Umudim a first grade Belgium Suzuki Every  shuttle was tested, key and documents exchanged hands. His knees was on the ground while I ran out stunned to the marrows.

A woman selling abacha saw me and I narrated this strange tale of glory! She smiled and said Omeogo has done more!

I immediately forgot what brought me to Nnewi and headed home hope-filled. There is still good in this rough society. And for those unwilling give up the fight victory awaits. I forgot to collect Okiri’s number but sure I know where anyone who has a shuttle bus congregates in Nnewi……………Na nke NNE Corde na Owerri road….

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