Lets Talk About Maria

Lets Talk About Maria

Lets Talk About Maria  :  Igwenazor Chinaemerem

This life is full of intrigues, nevertheless all about human history
is surrounded by the personal life and times of achievers.

The name Maria sounds familiar being a name that has been translated
into many languages. However, we are discussing Maria, the major
character in the ever green motion picture classic production – Sound
Of Music.
Are you there?
Yes, Maria of Sound Of Music, a movie played in the golden days of
Europe, Austria to be precise. What ticks about the film and Maria?
performance, Location, Voice production, character interpretation,
theme song, wardrobe et al? No! None of these is our concern for
today. We are concerned about Maria and Maria alone.

Maria, a young lady was introduced in the movie production as a
confused character in the abbey who does everything wrong yet vocal
all the time. The Nuns called her names, much of enigma and clown that
makes them laugh. She seems not to differentiate her left from her
right, a natural round peg in a triangular hole. Her environment was
totally different from her personality ab intio.
Her family background and education was skipped, all that she
represented was a confused character sent for correction. She could be
termed a child of circumstance but she never accepted what life gave
her ordinarily. She re-wrote her history. She was introduced as a
nobody with the tough task of as the Governess of Captain Von Trap’s
children. She would have said no to the job offer but could not. The
seven mechanized children in her care must be taken care of by any
means necessary and the Captains orders must be maintained.

She resumed her duties where many failed woefully, yet she never cried
or complained to anyone. At the top of her unique situation, she
trusted and motivated herself that she will do her best and come out
better than the best. She stole the show with her angelic voice,
singing her way through it all with belief in her abilities. Her
spirituality was turn-key. She prayed to God for help in her task and
also for all the family members she is serving. She struck her kind of
chord when she asked God to bless “I don’t know his name”.

She took the job of a Governess to it pinnacle with exception, much in
difference as her host the Captain would have wanted it done. She
became the controller and dictator of the household. What a

The situations around you may demand something different but your
approach to it, naturality and skills will definitely make a grand
difference. Remember, the rules are not cast in Iron. She easily
revived the musical prowess of the family which has been long
forgotten. Singing became the order of the day while Maria doubled as
the coach, guitar player and choral mistress. She tuned the house to
her own frequency which became the best for the family and everyone
was happy once again. Even the friends and guests of the family were
regularly entertained by the Von Trap family singers both at home and
in the city.
Having broken Captains stony heart into bits, the once no nonsense man
ended up singing, smiling and at last marrying the nobody Maria. Wow,
what a story.

Here lays the issue:-
You could be the missing Maria in many individuals life or that of an
organization. Things are as they are because you have not given that
talent and service peculiar to your person. You are the best candidate
to ignite the burning flame and maintain its tempo. All you need is to
make it a positive input. As unwanted and unqualified as you may look,
irrespective of where you are, you are the expected object of change.
The world is waiting for that your peculiar act. What you have in you
can never be seen or reproduced in another person in the world. Where
you are today is your stepping stone to glory. As you give your best,
your personal transformation will commence and consolidate before you
can imagine it. If you will remain constant in your quest to improve,
blockades and man made limitations will step aside for you to have
your way.

Maria never complained about anything all through the film, rather she
highlighted all she has in her with all guts. She played up all she
had and forgot all she never had. She took control of her life and
gave us a tale of her destiny. You need to know whom you are and what
you are to do. As the occasion calls, add something natural and
recognition will not ass you bye. It all starts with taking
responsibility and authority will be handed to you effortlessly.

Still looking at Maria’s personality, we can say she was a grand
success yet there was nothing attributed to money in her case. She
lived her dream to the fullest yet acquired no personal wealth.
Suffice to say, success does not have much to do with money. We must
not forget issues like honesty, dedication to duty, appreciation,
simplicity, love and creativity-they matter most. Money and fame
follows the above sheepishly. Everyone must not make money directly.
However, our approach to given responsibilities oils the machinery for
many good things to happen.

Sincerity, persistence, dedication to duty and having fun while
expecting nothing can earn you more than you can ever desire. These
traits can kill any threat and keep you sailing. Your beginning will
always be an advantage to you in the nearest future, call it backwards
integration. the same Abbey where Maria was a clown and enigma before
her stint in Captains house was their last resort and rescue route out
of Austria to Switzerland when Hittler’s dictatorship came after
Captain Von Trap.
Sound Of Music was a story watched by many as a maid turns madam.
Maria aside, what can you say about a movie produced some fifty years
ago and still a toast for all to watch. You too can be behind some
projects that will stand the taste of time.



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