Jim Thorpe – Only You Can Stop Yourself

Jim Thorpe – Only You Can Stop Yourself

Jim Thorpe – Only You Can Stop Yourself  : Igwenazor Chinaemerem


Jim Thorpe is an Olympian with style and class. His story is that of motivation where ever it comes up. To crown it all, he went home with double Olympic gold medals.

That’s Jim Thorpe above. No athlete has a his or her pictures with different sports shoe and socks at a time in an event. He never planned it. Situation pushed him to do so – his competitive shoe was stolen in the early hours of the day.

He represented the USA in 1912 featuring in track and field event. Jim was an American Indian from the state of Oklahoma.

As his shoes got missing the morning he was to compete, he dug into a thrash can and got those precious pair. All is history as he made a bold statement with his awkward looking shoes. Infact one of the shoes was over size and he had to pad it with extra socks to fit.

Jim Thorpe, the awkward shoe wearing athlete went home with home with two awesome medals. This is where he became iconic – nothing could stop him from his dream.

Obstacles will come, accurate excuses will abound, but it is left for you to get going or stop! Jim is telling you don’t quit.


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