Growing Pepper – A Silent Profitable Agricultural Investment

Growing Pepper – A Silent Profitable Agricultural Investment

Growing Pepper  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem



For many of us, Pepper is a regular ingredient in our meals but never a popular vegetable worth investing in by many Nigerians. Unfortunately, it’s a money spinner, a quick one for that matter.

Aside the daily usage in the kitchen, you would notice that people sell it in all nooks and crannies of the city while in the major markets, there are areas mapped out for it. This points at one thing, a regular demand. The end point is this any item with a regular demand, is worth investing in!


Commercial Investment In Pepper

Land used – 3 plots

Number of Pepper stands – 1,200

Periodic harvesting – 4 days interval

No. of harvests per month – 7.5

No of bags per harvest – 6 bags

Market price – N7,000

Expected lifespan of a Pepper tree – 8months

Based on the facts above, lets do some calculations:-

We get 6 bags of Pepper about 7.5 times monthly

# 6 bags x 7.5 times = 45 bags

# 45 bags x N7,000 = N315,000.00

This will be your likely income from your farm for the next eight [8] months.


Starting your Pepper farm

You can commence your farming adventure in your private land or leased land. Getting a land leased does not cost a fortune. For some people in the villages where you are a local, it may be free. Your Pepper will do well in a land that is not waterlogged. Loamy soil seems to be the best soil for Pepper.

Your Pepper Nursery

For many people going into Pepper farming, getting the best of the nursery is the toughest part of the job. There are many species of Pepper to cultivate. Each of these have their own unique challenges at the sprouting stage. To avoid much hassles, its smarter going for seedlings. There are commercial seedlings suppliers across the country. Each cost about N25.00 [twenety five naira].

In sourcing your Pepper Seedlings, it best to go for hybrids. One of the popular Pepper hybrids in Nigeria today is the Avenir.

It is the darling of Pepper growers for the following 3 reasons:-

  • Its size is big
  • It has a spicy flavor
  • It has great yield per tree

The Pepper seedlings are available from nurseries at different week-age. Quite often, it is most profitable to transplant your Pepper seedlings when they are about  2 months old.



When your seedlings must have produced about 5 leaves, they are set for pruning. Pruning helps Pepper farmers increase their production. Pruning is done before the seedling forms Y branches. Once done, the seedling will produce multiple branches. This makes the tree stronger, it will not grow too tall and it will aid it in yielding a higher volume of fruits.

When is best time to plant your Pepper?

In Nigeria, you can do it better and get maximum profit if you start your nursery by December. If you are set by December, by February you would be set to transplant to the main farm. With little rain in the month of April, your Pepper farm is set to blossom.

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