Funny France

Funny France

Funny France – Igwenazor Chinaemerem

Just like other European countries,  France has its own single language – ruled by Rome and Popes centuries ago, they are predominantly Catholics.  France has yet another name peculiar to insiders – D’hexagon.  It is bounded on six sides by other countries.

# As one of the African colonial masters, it introduced the policy of assimilation,  today France has more black citizens compared to other European countries.

# France has won the world cup twice. In these two occasions they have more black players than white.

# Louis XVI was killed during a mass uprising believed to have been sparked of just for increasing the price of local bread – La beguette.

# France has one of the oldest medieval cathedrals on planet earth the Notre Dame cathedral. This masterpiece edifice was adorned with multiples of fierce looking anti-christian status.

# Of all the animals on earth, the national symbol of France is a fowl.  May be you can get more chicken dishes in France.

# France national flag is of the same color with that of Russia. That of France is Blue, White and Red, that of Russia is in reverse order.

# Eiffel Tower is the highest visited monument in France. It was build for an exhibition, the cost of dismantling it was higher thus it was left there. It later became what it is.  What a chance occurrence.

# Two most prominent men from France are weird Napoleon Bonaparte – a brute and Nostrademus a mystic

# In France you will meet Les Cadenas d’amour – that’s Padlocks of Love where couples visit, buy a padlock to lock their love affair. If you’re dating and have not gone to lock it in France,  you may not be serious after all.

# France gave the world an iconic automobile – Peugeot. The 404 and 504 series were darlings of the road decades ago. Unfortunately the Indomie generation won’t understand this.

# France has one of the youngest Presidents at the moment. He is a rare character – he is the youngest in his home. He married a woman 24 years older than him, he has no child and his step children are all older than him..

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