Fertility issues for couples – Semen Analysis

Fertility issues for couples – Semen Analysis

Fertility issues for couples¬† –¬† Dr Joe Ibekwe

Men should not hesitate to do their semen analyses prior to marriage, in delayed conception or as a matter of reproductive fitness.

Infertility among partners is among the major causes of stress in relationships where couples desire child(ren).

Significant number of primary or secondary infertility cases among couples is mostly from the males.

You cannot ejaculate sachet water into a woman’s reproduce system and expect nature to disobey her rules. It doesn’t lead to conception. Doo aka na nti. It doesn’t!

Put your ego in your wider and deeper pocket and do the needful. Nobody will know.
Don’t blame the madam as a matter of convenience. It is a 50/50 game!

Seminal fluid analyses in most centres costs less than a plate of nkwobi or point and kill catfish pepper soup.

Do it.

Many causes are treatable.

Fasting and prayers does not cure infertility as fast as a shot of an antibiotic if cause is infectious.

God’s time is not the best for something you can do for yourself. You head contains brain encased in your skull for reasoning. You need no prophet(ess) to be told.

Waiting too long is usually not for the female’s best interest. After 35 years, fertility curve descends and possibility of having kids with abnormalities rises.

A stitch in time saves nine, ighotago?

See your fertility clinician and/ or your urologist.

Dr Joe Ibekwe

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