Earn 40% Profit Monthly In Egg Distribution

Earn 40% Profit Monthly In Egg Distribution

Earn 40% Profit Monthly In Egg Distribution  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem


Taking home 40% profit monthly in egg distribution is not a hard task for a dedicated investor in Nigeria. The most wonderful truth about this information is that many Nigerians and a whole lot of others may never believe this. Many will doubt it and produce words to confirm their side of the debate. Unfortunately, facts don’t lie and they speak volume here.

I am writing from my own independent experience and what you may arrive at if you will do your homework above average standard. Let’s work with the following points in view:-

  • You source your eggs directly from a farm and enjoy direct delivery
  • You have a loyal customer base
  • You deal with retailers and end users directly
  • All their purchases are on paid weekly demand
  • You have an above average sense of sorting

If the above enumerated are in place, taking home 40% profit from your investment monthly is a done deal.

Let’s assume that as at this period, February 2017, you get a crate of egg at the rate of N1,000.00

each [this includes the cost of purchase and logistics]. And you advance them to your clients [end users and retailers] at N1,100.00
with a mark-up of N100.00
only, you are home and dry.

N100.00 profit on an investment of N1000.00 is a perfect 10% returns. Thus no matter the volume you deal on the profit margin is assured.

Let’s do a little calculation:-

  • Your capital is just N50,000.00 [fifty thousand naira] only
  • You buy 50 crates of eggs weekly
  • You make only but N100
    profit per crate sold

With the above scenario, you make N5,000.00

only weekly. When this is repeated in the four [4] weeks that make up a month, that will be 10% into four [4] times, which equals 40%.

The above is a rough sketch. While dealing with some end users, the profit margin is higher and the already earned profit in the first, second and third week can be deployed into the business thereby increasing the profit by some margin.

The truth is that fewer items can offer such a volume of profit in today’s Nigerian situation. This is a secret hidden by many who do this business.

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