Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu – The Inventor They Killed His Dream

Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu – The Inventor They Killed His Dream

Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu – The Inventor They Killed His Dream  –  Igwenazor Chinaemerem

On the 17th of July, 2020 one of the topmost academics and inventor that Africa produced gave up the ghost. The erudite scholar Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu was the first African to individually produce an automobile. To cap it up, the Nigerian Automotive Industry gave the car a clean bill in the year 1997. The highest point of this invention was his brand of car engine – the Izuogu engine which does not use fossil fuel – Emagnetodynamic engine. The engine works on electromagnetic dynamics thus charging itself and sustains movement. It is worthy to note that he sourced the materials for the production locally and his invention was on principles that scientific laws never approved of. The patent of the engine remains his.

The car built by Izuogu in his life time was but only one. The super star engine he invented – The Izuogu Engine was heard but never seen in Nigeria irrespective of international acclaim. His invention was beyond the answer to the demand of Cars that will run without fossil fuel and it was earlier than the celebrated cars of today that runs on batteries.

One may be driven to ask – why is this engine not known to many even the automobile geeks in Nigeria. Why did the Nigerian government under the Late dark google wearing General Sani Abacha give the car a clean bill yet never invested in it? If one goes with the slant that Nigeria is a grave yard of pretty dreams, you may be right. Such a technological invention that other nations were praying for turned up here but was never utilized. Also why is it that no Nigerian investor opted to partner with him? Well so much questions yet no tangible answers.

Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu would have gone international but he was a Nigerian who believed in Nigeria but forgot that people from his side of the country were the five percenters [5%]. What would have happened if his invention was given a push? Nigeria would have less to do with oil, unfortunately the nation gets her major foreign exchange from oil. The factory he would have founded would be manufacturing and selling his brand of engine to the whole world. That means a whole lot of engine would be shipped abroad periodically – this would have created a massive indigenous technological advancement and job creation. Also he would have licensed the production of the Izuogu Engine to other countries at a mouthwatering price.

It is no news that Dr. Izuogu would have gone abroad to South Africa to commence production of his dream car but for the unfortunate event of the dark hours of 11th March 2007. Nigeria was at its 8th year of democracy after a long military rule yet unknown gun men dashed into the manufacturing plant at Naze Owerri Imo state where vital documents belonging to the commercial manufacturing of the car was kept and disappeared with it till date. The unknown gun men took away both already manufactured auto parts of the Izuogu car vision and also went away with all the literatures relating to same.

Did Izuogu sell his invention? No accurate information is available to that respect. Why couldn’t he work out a business plan independently to commercialize his invention? Alas, he was waiting for Nigeria! His odyssey speaks volume of the disconnect between human capital achievements and the Nigerian government. It goes further to prove that irrespective of your inventive genius, you are on your own as a Nigerian. It also buttresses the point that there is a great variance between successful enterprise and academic exploits.

Killing of ideas like that of Izuogu is the reason why Nigeria is still poor and has been designated as the poverty capital of the world in years to come. Before Dr. Izuogu came into the scene, there was the exploits of the Biafran RAP who produced the great destroyer – Ogbunigwe aka Ojukwu Bucket. It was a successful ground to air missile used by the Biafran soldiers during the genocidal Nigerian Civil war. Those group of talented men were never moved into productive use by the Nigerian government. Assuming that idea was harnessed, by now Nigeria would have been an exporter of missiles and military hard wares.

Recently another young man Mr. Nelson invented a generator that never uses fuel but water. The invention was given a loud ovation yet months after, even BBC visited the young inventor and dished out a short documentary about his work – yet no one has seen that brand in the Nigerian market. Suffice to say any country that does not produce and sell to the world is poor while those who do are rich. Nigeria produces nothing thus poor.

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