Causes Of Infertility In Women

Causes Of Infertility In Women

Causes Of Infertility In Women  –  Chimeremogo Kindness Dimbor

In women a lot of cases causes infertility eg hormonal imbalance, polystatic syndrome(pcos), Amenorrhea, tubal blockage,tilted womb,ovarian cyst,fibroid etc.These medical issues have kept women from having children for years of emotional trauma and pain. Let’s trace back a little to our mothers and fore mothers, these women have fewer cases of childlessness which stare at our faces today. A lot always accuse village people, wicked Aunts and uncles etc but they fail to understand that those people are innocent after all.

One cases we are going to treat today that causes infertility is our “ALMIGHTY SANITARY PADS AND TAMPONS”. One of the most commonly used feminine hygiene product is sanitary pads. Everyone loves these pads, they are so convenient and affordable and probably the very first feminine hygiene product you used but little did we know that Sanitary napkins are a serious health hazard. Yes pads and tampons are very convenient and easy-to-use products but they come with a price. The price that you have to pay for this convenience is your own health. When we look at it with an environmental perspective, these female hygiene products can potentially harm your environment, shutting down the production of progesterone hormones because of the plastic used and the chemicals added to it for absorption of menstrual blood and adding fragrance.The exposure of dioxin used in the production of pads when gets accumulated in the body leads to infertility, hormonal imbalance, cervical cancer,ovarian cancer/cyst, fibroid etc. Although there are two types of pads, the gel pads and cotton pads. you may feel that the cotton pads are safer, these facts will surprise you. Cotton, made from the cotton plant, carries pesticides and herbicides. When they are used in pads, these directly enter the blood stream and interfere with your internal organs and can lead to sterility and infertility.

To kill the unbearable and extremely unpleasant smell of menstrual blood, deodorants and fragrances are added to the pads. These scented pads are even worse. They interfere with your embryonic development,womb,stops total production of progesterone and oestrogens that aids in conception,as a result, your fertility gets affected. Of course these pads will not cause all these right away, but using them again and again for years increase your risk of being infertile. Some sanitary napkins carry BPA along with other chemicals. Over time, they can enter the human body and interfere with your reproductive system.

Next episode (next week Friday) we will go deeper and discuss options aside sanitary pads and tampons and how best to use sanitary pads to protect our body.

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