Broken Relationship Is Better Than A Broken Marriage – How True?

Broken Relationship Is Better Than A Broken Marriage – How True?

Broken Relationship Is Better Than A Broken Marriage – How True? Igwenazor Chinaemerem

Quite often many people are quick to opine that a – Broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. Unfortunately, it does not always turn out to be the truth. It looks absurd yet much of the truth that many people are happier with their old or broken relationship and would prefer going back that staying in the marriage.

Personally, I suspect a lot of cover up from the married lot. Subtly they do constantly say that marriage is not easy – but why? Many people do not look as joyful and friendly as they use to be when married as compared to when they are in the broken relationship. This looks like a red flag.

Recently on Facebook, a poll was conducted by an online news group. They asked a simple question to the married – if you are to marry now, will you gladly go for your present spouse? Shockingly, about 57% of the respondents answered NO! The funny thing was that their spouses, friends and families who are their friends on the platform saw their posts. This calls for a lot of concern.

Of course many people broke off their relationships for another partner leading to marriage due to reasons beyond their control and in expectation that never came to fruition in the marriage. Many of these relationships blossomed due to the fact that the two were all on their own without interference. They only saw differences when the idea of marriage came up. The fact being that both families, customs and religious demands are factored in not forgetting medical.

Have you thought about the high divorce rates that are on the increase now more than ever before? Many of such is traceable to broken relationships. Their expectations were not met! Many were promised El Dorado to break up their relationships for a new partner in marriage. It turned out to be a devastating experience as all that glittered never became gold.

A peep into the content of e-mails and call logs of many broken marriages points towards the presence of the former partner. Why? It seems they have a better chemistry. The fact speaks, these people would have made it better as married couple but never did.

Is it not better to go for a broken marriage than just tango especially where the fulfillment remains a mirage. Many couples are dying in silence. Childlessness, home violence, obnoxious culture, social stigmatization, finance and religion has kept many bound especially women in non-functional marriages. Where they do better and live better if they opt out the marriage. May be this accounts for the fact that many sees marriages as over rated.

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